It’s getting impossible to go for  a coffee in Temple Bar without the busy beavers from PR companies casually “bumping into you” and pitching stories.  Last week Mr. K. and Reilly of Mods and Rocker’s fame happened into me whilst in Luca’s (that’s Caffee Italiano to the General populus).  The two boys were feverish with excitement to show me their new “kitchen companion”, (they too know that the way to a lady’s heart doesn’t always involve flowers,shoes or prose).  And no, this wasn’t something from Gaggia or even the ubiquitous Nespresso, this was actually a laptop from Toshiba, the Satellite Radius 11.

And the kitchen connect? well according the  boys its unique “bendability” form factor and screen make it the perfect piece of technology to use in the kitchen whether you’re following an online cookery lesson, or a Youtube/ instructional video.  The lads were on their way to visit the renowned foodie and wine writer Leslie Williams to participate in what they dubbed a “Toshiba cook-along”. Unfortunately they weren’t in a position to let me take part BUT they’ve promised a trial of this latest bit of kit in the coming weeks.  Once they read this post it’s likely they’ll “casually bump into me again” hopefully armed with the Radius 11.  Watch this space!  Oh and Gaggia, if you’d like to send us one of your machines we’ll do that justice too!


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