Naim Audio’s new Muso music system is a veritable swiss army knife of audio joy. Designed primarily as a wireless speaker system, it also has a built-in loudspeaker and every kind of connection you could want if you’re still cable tied. Under the robust aluminium chassis, there are six 75-watt digital amplifiers boasting 450W of power that’ll play 24bit/192kHz high resolution audio from a range of formats including FLAC, WAV and, of course, MP3 (though if you’re spending €1,000 on a speaker we’d hope you’d be listening with lossless).  It also connects to other Naim systems and acts as a multi-room streamer similar to Sonos using either iOS or Android devices. The connectivity on board includes Apple’s AirPlay, Bluetooth and Universal Plug ‘n’ Play as well as traditional USB, 3.5mm and Ethernet. It offers support for streaming service Spotify and internet radio too.


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