Eureka! Is it possible that the Android  phone manufacturers have now decided to stop adding ridiculous  features  that we never wanted and just won’t use.  At last it appears that they’ve decided to do some of the basic things better.  Our view is based on the few short minutes we spent this week with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9.


Both of these phones are the flagships for their respective brands and both as you’d expect are loaded with tons and tons of features and apps, many of which you many owners will never know about never mind use.  6However both of these phones have come up with compelling reasons for us to fork out more than €600 of our hard earned coin.


So why would I buy the Galaxy S6?  I n my case it’s a simple matter of the ease of use of the camera, sure the phone is pretty and the screen better than any of its Samsung predecessors but the one thing we love most about it is the usability of the camera.  Simply click twice on the Home button and you’re up and running and ready to snap away. Two clicks and the S6 transforms from phone to very respectable 16 mega-pixel  camera.    You might think this is a silly reason to buy the phone but take it as a given  it looks nice and does all the things a high end smartphone should but it’s the double click home button that’s done it for us!  Really!  We haven’t seen the edge version yet but suspect it comes into the category of “ a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist” unlike the double tap camera which is a soloution to a problem that loomed large in my life!


And why would I but the HTC M9.  Not so practical here, more of an emotional connect!, I’d select it over every other phone on the market quite simply because it’s very ver y beautiful.  This phone looks like it was designed in the finest swisss watch makers workshop.  Its beautiful silver metal body has “bulgari style” gold accents all around the edge making it magnificent to look at and  hold.  It imparts the same sort of feline one gets on sitting in  a vintage Aston Martin!  The M8 wasn’t shoddy but this is magnificent, like the Samsung the screen is a thing of beauty and the phone does everything you could possibly want from a smartphone, its rear camera is a whopping 20 MP and the front facing a 5 UP (Ultra Pixel) but it’s a little bit trickier to launch than the Samsung.


Both are brilliant portable inventions but the HTC shades it for me simply because I like beautiful things in my life.


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