Whilst sitting in South William Street’s Hipster heaven, Clement & Pekoe, this week both I and my delightful tea date Daphne simultaneously gasped as we saw the most beautiful screen on a laptop that we’ve looked at in a long time. This exquisite window to the world was seated on top of the metallic chassis of this beautiful machine.  Daphne being inquisitive and an incorrigible flirt, immediately turned her attention to the bearded hipster, Conor who was using it.  “ooh that’s beautiful” she purred “where did you get it, what is it and may I hold it?”

If she was flabbergasted by the screen her first touch was even better as it weighed under a kilo in all its metallic glory.  “Mmmmm, niiice” she murmered, but, and there’s generally a but with our Daphne, it’s ‘Daphne flaw’ was also immediately apparent, it was a Macbook and Daphne is a Microsoft fan girl and she let the bearded one know it. Rather than let the opportunity to chat with the gorgous Daphne drop, Conor explained that this was the new MacBook, the successor to the Macbook Air minus the “Air” but plus 30 cm of beautiful retina display. To the best of Conor’s knowledge it had  only just arrived in the country and he was “ahead of the curve”.  In an effort to keep up the conversation and not lose a good totty lead, the trustafarian explained that despite appearances he wasn’t always an Apple fanboy himself, Indeed he explained, “ it was a toss up between this and the Toshiba KIRAbook 107 but “my ever generous pater purchased the Mac on the presumption that it would buy my affections in even greater quantity”. The hipster went on to explain that unlike the KIRAbook, this latest Mac is not touch screen nor does it have the enormous number of ports he needed to charge his humongous Eleaf stick or accommodate his many other plug-in pieces of technology.  He said it was neck and neck on screen but not having yet seen the Kira in its glory we can’t validate his claim, (hint hint Tosh PRs, can you show us your new toy?), we already know the Kira is touch but can’t wait to put it through its paces!

Watch out for a detailed head to head comparison coming soon!

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