2015-01-30 15.44.47We’ve seen some pieces of kit from the Japanese uber-electronic-ginormo-concern that would be make a very suitable addition to the discerning gentleman’s bag of tricks.  I was so enamoured with the 47″ goggle box that I hastily purchased one for my lounge, we all loved their Chromebook and we delighted at the widgets and gadgets we saw at their showcases.

One’s satchel can become as frumpy and lumpy as a lady’s handbag and so we warmed to the Chromebook idea of doing your laptop business in the cloud.  Toshiba have brought out two new pieces of cloud connecting computing appareil.  One you should buy.  Not this one.

Unless of course you’re in love with Windows.  The Cloudbook is fine.  It has a lot going for it.  It’s got 11.1″ 1366×768 IPS display which is fine.  It’s got a Intel® Celeron® N2840® processor® with Intel® blah® blah©.  This is also fine®.  (If we left out the ®s Intel would hunt us down)

There’s a lot of fine things and to be completely fair the reason why we’re a little but “meh” about this is that Toshiba have updated the already spectacular Chromebook and if we didn’t know how spectacularly awesome it is then we’d be a little easier on the Cloudbook.  The fact is we’re Google converts.  Chromebook works.  The OS is fast, well supported and the new device (review next week) that Toshiba have cooked up with the company most likely to invent Skynet is a jaw dropper.  This is not.  This is fine.

So who is this for?  This is for the gentleman that needs Windows.  A gent who uses the cloud services and variants of desktop apps that Microsoft push.  It’s integration into the Microsoft universe is perfect.  If that’s your bag then this is for you.  The thing is we don’t think Windows is there just yet for cloud-on-the-go.  The installation process took over 20 minutes alone and we’re still presented with Metro.  God I hate Metro.  This is not a touch screen device and if we’re pushed the really real reason why we’re not convinced it’s because the Touchpad does not support gestures.

If you’re reading this on a Windows 8 device try use your computer without the necessary swiping to get around Metro.  Dark clouds gather in your mind.

The Cloudbook has a HDMI out which is handy for those Powerpoint presentations.  Presenting on a Chromebook is a little bit clunky still so we think this is one of the better reasons to go Cloudbook. There’s also a USB 3.0 and an SD Card reader.  Honestly guys, I would have taken a USB 1.0 over that if it meant a more usable trackpad.

So in short!

  • If you’re married to Microsoft and the Surface Pro is too pricey then this is worth a look
  • If you’re looking for a handy way of presenting with Powerpoint then there’s an argument here for one of these
  • If not married to Microsoft you need to see what we’ve got to say about the new Toshiba Chromebook soon
  • The battery life is fine
  • There’s 100 gigs of cloud storage included for free
  • Metro torture is amplified by the lack of a decent touchpad

€289.99 is the price though we spotted one on Soundstore for a bit less here.

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